Episode List: Crafting Natural English from Japanese


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Episode 1: 魅力 and 実現する

Episode 2: ものづくり and 可視化

Episode 3: 現場 and 働き方改革

Episode 4: について and 異次元

Episode 5: 温泉

Episode 6: 防災

Episode 7: イメージ

Episode 8: 視点・観点

Episode 9: 機能

Episode 10: チャレンジ

Episode 11: 世界観

Episode 12: 地方 and 地域


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Crafting Natural English from Japanese - Episode 10

Welcome back to our series on creative J>E translation, where we translate the idea behind Japanese words, not merely the words themselves. If you’d like to go back to the first episode, click here. For the full episode list, click... Continue →